Thursday, August 12, 2010


i dont really care about anything
just feeling the rage.
not as in the australian early morning / late night music video show, as in the emotion.
so much rage. um. so i would like to go out and possibly drink a lot and maybe do some drugs and then die.
but no.
i have no friends. my friends are all oh-so-responsible.
drink in moderation, if at all.
have no fun.
what is this even?

oh, i deleted that tumblr i linked to in my last post, i deleted my facebook and irl tumblr as well. its very liberating.

i want to go on a murder suicide rampage.
actually no i don't just a suicide rampage.
or get drunk make new friends and have a hot man.
but what are you gonna do?

so i lost a follower after my last post.
i'll probably lose a few more now.
yeahh i'm just not up with the whole blogging dealio.
not eating is no longer an effective coping mechanism for me.
i still love you lola-rose.

i might go sleep now. to sleep, perchance to dream. yeah quoting hamlet right there. and you know what that quote was about? suicide. yeah. appropriate.
bye my lover/s

i rlly dont like e rite nao btw. wat a dick-face.
luffff yousss. <#<#33<#3,

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