Sunday, August 8, 2010

What is this I can't even.

hey hey yo all ma bitchez yeah.
i'm in the middle of exams
very important exams
the second most important exams i will ever do in my school life
maths is tomorrow
i am really tired E stayed over last night and we watched 'la vie en rose' that went til 2am and was complicated and beautiful and in french.
and the night before that i watched 'trivial matters' which was complicated and in cantonese and very amusing.
but i should be studying.
but i don't care.
i'm too tired.

i don't know. i feel obliged to mention food.
what can i say? i'm very fat. well. i should be very fat. but i haven't gained anoymore than a kg since i was last here.
i eat so much. i kind of want to fall over and die sometimes. most of the time. whatever.

uhm. i really can't wait to finish school...
and leave australia.
or at least this place in which i live. i'll go to melbourne and have a beautiful boyfriend and we will have endless hot sex and drink wine on the rooftop of our apartment at night. and go out to see bands and have a multitude of social acquaintances but no internet or tv and i will work as a.. primary school teacher. i mean i don't want to be unrealistic or anything. so i'll just be a primary school teacher. but he'll be an events manager. and meet everyone. take us back stage. and all the kids i teach will love me and i'll dye my hair wild colours and i'll be that crazy teacher everyone wants to get as a sub.

that's what i want right now.
or i want to go into the bush. camping. with about 10 people i don't know very well. or even the 4 people i do know. and we will all get so drunk we wont remember our own names let alone our problems. and there will be a camp fire and tents and i will go and camp with an attractive mysterious stranger, who's very tall and smells like smoke and has a bit of stubble and wears a leather jacket. but he wont wear it for long.

well. this post managed to say nothing in a lot of words but i just want to talk with someone on the phone about everything. but someone who doesn't see me every day. someone who i see very occasionally. and when i do see him/her we will talk to each other only the whole time no matter who else is there. but if it's a man there wont be any sexual tension. none.

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