Saturday, May 22, 2010

dear bella,

please add my mail box to your collection. you can also have my but/boot/hand, and my friends arm.

my mailbox is quite ugly. now you can all stalk me:) (all 4 of you, ily, you'll probably hate me for saying ily so i'll write it, i love you, but english doesn't have a plural you so i'll have to use italian, i love voi, doesn't really work.)

anyway. here are some nice pictures because i have too much food to write about right now.


  1. at least you have a mailbox. we don't have one. it used to come through the front door, but now it gets delivered to the office. post left on the counter is not nearly as exciting as getting it in a mailbox

  2. Haha yeah, at least you have a mailbox! I don't. & i really don't think i need one. I never get anything interesting, more than bills & my dad's boring magazine about business. Yuck. Haha