Thursday, May 27, 2010

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hey guys, what's going on?

not much? yeah same.

so.. life is pretty overwhelming.
me and e are going to melbourne. in july. i'm excited. it's just us two, for two nights, in a youth hostel.

ahem. sexual tension anyone?

i love antiques roadshow, they're playing "why does it always rain on me?" whilst it's raining. at the castle. with their antiques. oh my.

anyway, e often jokes of it, in fact just today he said "me and ancora are going to melbourne to consummate our love" when the subject of melbourne came up. fool.

oh! antiques roadshow played "raindrops keep falling on my head" now, the wit! it overwhelms me!
anywho, nothing else is happening besides an over load of homework i'm not doing and food i don't need, i got a gym membership though.



  1. what's going on? not much? i second that and overload of school cw i am ignoring. darn.

    melbourne, noice :)


  2. i would love to go to melbourne.

  3. Hey sweetie, where are you? Hope everything's allright, I miss your posts!!

  4. I follow your blog now, I hope you don't mind.