Thursday, May 20, 2010


hey there.

here i am with this new blog that is possibly too pretentious to function.

today i got my hair cut by the thinnest woman ever. she was beautiful. my mother said she had to be anorexic.

i wondered if she judged my obese face, and i wished i could have felt some sort of affinity with her.

and so, i am fasting tomorrow. i have eaten a lot the last days. i am fatfatfatfat.


  1. addirittura dell'australia! no, figurati, mi fa piacere! anzi se parlare ti puo aiutare in qualche modo sono felice di aiutarti! e tranquilla si capisce! :)

  2. i didn't know your last blog but i found this one.
    and i love those photos. love.