Tuesday, June 29, 2010


A good day is good.

1 cup of my mother's "diet soup". Basically tomato and cabbage with stock in water
2 apples
About 1.5 cups of rice and vege stir fry.

Hmm cool.

Now tomorrow I'm going to E's, Thursday I'm going to another friends and Friday I'm staying at E's grandmas. Tricky.. tricky..
Maybe I'll be like Lucy and try Cassie's way. Hum dee dum. It'll be fine. I do have to focus on avoiding the maccas, damn where I work. You know they have malteasers in Sundaes now? So easy to steal them. Anyway better make a plan;

Tea for breakfast, apple for recess&lunch, and a quater of a sandwich... now dinner will be at E's, I'm vego and they all <3 meat so I'll probably end up with some salad or carrots.. or pasta. Let's try and avoid pasta.

Tea, apples, then L's house.. hmm.. my cat is so cute. Anyway. L's house. Usually her father buys some tofu when I come over, then fries the tofu and gives it to me. Pretty gross but not very fatty. Though I have voiced my distaste for this dish to L. We'll see. I'll manage.

Probably will have to eat a decent breakfast.. fruit for recess and sandwhich for lunch then dinner should be easily avoidable. The problem will be control. For the whole time I'm working at maccas I'll have access to free coke zero though, which I'll have to train myself to like.

I'm working 9-5... I'll have to eat something. Avoid binge avoid binge avoid binge. Ok I am not allowed to buy maccas. I'm going to bring a whole lot of apples and nuts. K. She'll be right. Then I'm working 6am-2pm Sunday. Around maccas so much.. beh. Ok I'm saving money like a bitch so I could just not bring my wallet then.. BAM no maccas. Yeah I'll do that. Ok.. I'll have to just have some apples.

Well this post has been long and boring but I have sorted my head out somewhat.


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  1. Well, I'm doing Cassie's way a lot lately.
    However, I only do it at the canteen. I don't think I could do it anywhere else, in this culture people tend to get really upset if you don't eat what they have prepared for you (hell, even I do get upset if Boyfriend doesn't eat the dinner I've cooked for him)

    Be strong honey, always!