Monday, June 28, 2010

We're meant to be seen and not to be understood.

So today I went to school. It was all cool at school.

Did I mention my mother is ginving me $10 for every kilo I lose. Woooohoo.

But anyway bleh. Well I am not motivated enough right now at this second, today went ok, I ate my apples and had my water. And one of my apples was crap so I actually only had one.. Dinner was more than planned though. Healthy 'good fats' though.. but I didn't feel particularly conflicted about it. Although I do feel completely disgusting with this food in me now.... I'm considering going and having a cold shower and throwing up. Cold showers sure are getting a lot of attention lately. But I won't do that. Because I'm not motivated enough to make myself colder than I already am. Which is very cold. So cold.

So some more motivational list.
Food hates me.
It goes all up in my belly and makes me feel like shit.
Tea is yum.
Water is awesome.
I'm fat and ugly.
Mainly fat.
And oily.
I work at maccas. Only thin people can work at maccas without being shit (new rule)
Food costs money, and I have to save for London, and the cruise.
If I am to go on said cruise it will be 10 days of living in swimmers... 6 months to go.
I have a gym membership and its running out and costing money.
Everyone judges me for being lazy/eating.

So. That didn't really work. If anyone knows where I can read 'wasted' online I would be eternally grateful and possibly repay you in sexual favours, I don't believe I could own it in my home without causing suspision. WAIT MELBOURNE. I can buy it from Melbourne and just hide it. Excellent. See otherwise I would have to buy it off the internet and the package arriving for me would be questioned.

Now that I've effectivly avoided all subjects for an entire lengthy posts, I bid you farewell.

Ha! rereading that list in preview did work and I am now off for my shower. Take that you ricey ricey carbs.

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  1. I wish my mum would do that ! How inspiring is that- now only do you get a great body, but also money ? yes please