Wednesday, June 30, 2010


3 apples
1 small roll with egg.
Lots of tea and water. That's quite good, all things considered.
I went to E's, they had nachos, doritos, potato cakes and chips, andd chocolate. Bam I ate an apple. I do get angry a lot easier when restricting though. So I got grumpy with him a bit. Anywho.

So that went well, now tomorrow is the athletics carnival at school. Contrary to popular belief this isn't a good thing. Hmm. I'll just have apples, watevs.

So.. I'll be back on Saturday. Oh wait I'm coming home tomorrow afternoon before going to my friends house. Cool. Anyway. Byes.

1 comment:

  1. way to go!
    And thanx for your sweet comments!

    I'm going out tonight, Steve + me + the whole gang from work.. Fasting + beer, plus things between S and I are (obviously) a secret... sounds dangerous!!!

    It's gonna be fun