Thursday, July 1, 2010


So yesterday was ok with the dinner. Had some cous cous an egg and some vegetables, no empty calories at least. Then today I successfully avoided breakfast, hmm.. but at recess I had a muffin and a dim sim. Yeah. Damn it. And an egg for lunch. Shit.
And I got out of school early yay.
Oh well this can be an avoid binge day. So I will go to work, not eat then stay at E's grandmas coz its easy to not eat there, then tomorrow I shall work 9-5.. I will eat a banana and pear. Um.. then go home. Then I will eat some dinner because on Sunday I have 6am - 2pm so another apple there. Then home and sleep. Yay.

So what happened today? 'twas the awards thing at school, I did not get an award *shock horror* but while I was sitting there and everyone else was getting awards a big serious teacher came up to me and was like 'you know who I think is the smartest person in year 12 is?" And basically implied that I'm oh so smart and have so much potential and would be so great if I ever did any work. Sigh. How embarrassing. I'm wasting my school life I suppose.. oh well. Potential's no good when it comes to it. Beh watcha gonna do?

Ok I'm going to sleep now so I don't get angry at E whilst we work. Yes we work together. I spend more time with that boy than my parents I swear. Anyway.

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  1. Cara,

    how could we possibly face work, if our best male friend wasn't there?
    I'm so glad you're posting again!

    Have a nice weekend, splendida Ancora