Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm back. Photos!

So I'm back from Melbourne. I had a fast day up there and an awful lot of eating in between. But yeah E didn't even say anything when I didn't eat anything all day. Woohooo.
However one of the days in which he didn't eat much I was all "don't you want some lunch or something" and he was like "no, coz I'm ancora and I starve myself lol". Me - "hahah"... awkward. Anyway I did eat a lot of food and now I'm home with just my brother and our parents are away so we keep cooking really intense vegetarian meals. Like last night we made leek agnollotti with capsicum sauce. We made our own agnolotti! Impressive. Makes me fat though, so hmmm.. I don't know I think I will fast throughout days and then just only eat dinner, because cooking is really fun to be honest. Exccept now I'm really poor. Oh and me and E didn't.. ahem. Yeah was nothing there at all so that'll probably never happen but it is probably better as it would make for an awkward friendship.

I bought some really great shoes though. And melbourne is generally great. I will put up some photos when I get them developed because I'm so old school and use analouge cameras.

Oh I could throw up because then I still get to cook and eat.. but don't really want to go down that path. Oh well.

So now I'm going to do lots of Italian homework! Yay subjenctive past tense. I will also have to catch up on blogs.

Ah but here are some from my digital camera. Yay. I'll take them down soon. When I remember.

bam gone

E has a rlly thin thigh and it makes me jealous i can not put my hands around mine gosh.

That was a bit long. <3


  1. I love love that picture and your expression. You look like such a fun girl. I suck at Italian but I rock at eating pasta, in my defense.

  2. :-) Despite the ED stuff entangled in this post, it is actually quite upbeat, and that is lovely. I am happy for you that you managed to get one fast day in there, and also that you enjoy cooking, because it is so important that we dont forget what we enjoy, right? Also, totally agree about not going down the cook and purge route. Honestly it isn't worth it - I don't know if you have before, but seriously I never feel more pathetic than when my head is over a toilet and I scream at myself, GOD LOLA, why didn't you just control what you ate. Cook and eat a bit, that is the art worth learning


  3. Seems like you had fun, thats great!
    And I, too, wish I could my hands around my thigh.. well, we'll be there someday!

  4. E's thigh looks yummy. Haha. I want to have this thigh.
    i miss you :( Big time.
    I really do.
    How are things with E?
    How are you?????