Sunday, July 4, 2010


Just on youtube, looking at things as I continue my fast when this came up;

No I wont have a kit-kat thanks.

Anywho I'm not hungry anymore. Was so hungry this morning, now I'm just tired and light headed. Yeah. Hard to think/type anything relavent.

There are some really bad ana movies out there. Quite hilariously bad really.

And some really boring people who talk about their lives.
We just got fast internet so I never usually use youtube so its all a new experience.

Anyway, my cat's laying on my keyboard swo its quite hard to type.



  1. Hahahaha have a break with kit kat. How ironic? Hahaha. Ohhh italyyyy <3 what part of italy did you go to? I wanna do the same but my dad says there's no money for now so if i wanna go i'll have to break my ass working! :(

    Italian? That is soooo awesome!! :D & aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I wanna go to Australia sooooo badly!!! Ever since i was a kid i said i was going to live in Australia because i liked kangaroos! Hahaha, how cute? Now that i've grown up i know australia isn't all just about kangaroos but i've read such amazing things about your country that i can't wait to go and watch it all in person!! :D

  2. Lovely Ancora,
    how are you doing?
    I'm fasting, I fucked up all weekend long and now I'm fasting again.
    How are you doing with your Italian homework? Lol, I'm sorry, but the idea of doing Italian homework makes me smile!